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Ascent Law, with a portfolio heavy in family law, criminal law, and estate planning, was at a crucial juncture in May 2021. The exit of their makeshift marketing lead left a void and a choice: persist with a costly, underperforming strategy or find a novel, more effective path. Their prior marketing efforts, though earnest, lacked strategic alignment, making it clear a shift was needed.



Blue Fox Marketing stepped in as the guiding light Ascent Law was searching for. Unlike others, Blue Fox didn’t just propose; we planned. From the outset, we demonstrated a deep understanding of Ascent’s core services and target markets. Focusing solely on “money keywords” that had a proven track record of bringing in cases, Blue Fox honed in on the firm’s primary services and geographical areas. This targeted approach wasn’t about casting the widest net but about fishing in the most fruitful waters. It was a strategy built not on broad appeal but on precision and relevance, grounded in a partnership that valued integrity and strategic insight over salesmanship.


This collaboration bore fruit swiftly and substantially. Ascent Law saw a notable decrease in off-target inquiries, with a sharp increase in calls that aligned perfectly with their specialized services and target regions. This newfound alignment not only pared down the volume of unqualified leads but significantly uplifted the caliber of incoming calls. The firm witnessed a remarkable turnaround—saving an estimated 12 man-hours per day and achieving a 40% increase in front-end revenue. This strategic realignment not only enhanced operational efficiency but also charted a course for sustained growth and success.

The partnership between Ascent Law and Blue Fox Marketing transcended conventional client-service provider relationships, evolving into a profound collaboration based on mutual respect, strategic acumen, and a shared commitment to tangible outcomes. Ascent Law’s experience underscores the unique value Blue Fox brought to the table—not just as marketers but as strategic partners genuinely invested in the firm’s success. For businesses contemplating a partnership with Blue Fox, Ascent Law’s story highlights the transformative potential of aligning with a team that prioritizes results and relationships equally, ensuring that strategic marketing efforts translate into real-world success.

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