Turning $12k Invested into $206k in New Revenue


A reputable family law firm in Atlanta, GA, with over 50 years of experience in handling divorce cases, struggled to effectively reach potential clients through digital channels. Despite recognizing the potential of Google Ads, their campaigns failed to generate the desired impact, resulting in low visibility and engagement rates among their target audience.


To address this challenge, the firm collaborated with a marketing team specializing in Google Ads. The solution involved several strategic adjustments:

  • Geo-Targeting: The firm focused its ads on a 40-mile radius around Atlanta to ensure they reached the most relevant audience.
  • Ad Copy and Bid Modifiers: By emphasizing the firm’s extensive experience in ad copy and applying bid modifiers for geographic targets, the ads became more compelling and visible to potential clients.


These strategies led to a significant increase in engagement:

  • Impressions: 16,732
  • Clicks: 860
  • Conversion Rate: 22%
  • Conversions: 188
  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): $34.75
  • CPC (Cost Per Click): $7.60
  • Mobile Conversions: 90% of total conversions
  • Total Invested: $12,533
  • New Revenue Generated: $206,940

The success of the campaign resulted in an overwhelming number of leads, prompting the firm to explore lead scoring and automation processes to manage and nurture these prospects efficiently. This experience not only showcased the effectiveness of targeted Google Ads but also highlighted the need for a comprehensive approach to lead management.

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