Turning $8k Invested into $90k in New Revenue


A family law firm located in Birmingham, MI, aimed to enhance its digital presence to connect with more clients in need of divorce services. Despite having a strong legal background, the firm was not achieving its desired impact through Google Ads, facing challenges in converting impressions into meaningful client interactions.


Blue Fox Marketing stepped in to refine the law firm’s PPC strategy with a focus on geo-targeting Birmingham, MI. The strategy overhaul included:

  • Conversion Optimization: Concentrating on the right conversion actions, devices, and high-performing keywords to ensure ads reached the most relevant audience.
  • Bid Adjustments: Making device-specific bid adjustments to optimize for devices that showed higher conversion rates.


The results were significant:

  • Impressions: 4,559
  • Clicks: 198
  • Conversion Rate: 30.30%
  • Conversions: 60
  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): $68.18
  • CPC (Cost Per Click): $20.66
  • Mobile Conversions: 83.6% of total conversions
  • Total Invested: $8,000
  • New Revenue Generated: $90,000

By cleaning up conversion actions and focusing on keyword performance and device bid adjustments, Blue Fox Marketing not only improved the quantity but also the quality of conversions. The firm started generating leads consistently, demonstrating the effectiveness of targeted, optimized Google Ads campaigns. This approach allowed the law firm to reach potential clients more effectively, significantly improving their online marketing ROI.

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